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Industrial Park

Does your product need a lift?
You are 'cleared for takeoff' in our industrial park

The Arkansas Aeroplex Industrial Park is ready-made for your success. Available features include built-in trolly systems, industrial dust-collecting systems, overhead cranes, fire-protection systems, pneumatic fittings, quality control laboratories, and much more. Gas, electric, steam, water, sewer and fiber-optics are all on-site. Local industrial training facilities are also available within minutes of the Aeroplex.

Some of the Finest Light Manufacturing Buildings Anywhere.

Built with quality to last a lifetime, some of these buildings also come equipped with tools, machinery and other industrial equipment. Other available features include heavy industrial dust-collection system, overhead cranes, fire-protection systems, pneumatic fittings, explosion-proof fittings, welding vent hoods, quality control laboratories, and much more. Most of the office spaces associated with these manufacturing buildings are carpeted and have some furniture. Gas, electric, steam, water, sewer and fiber optics are all on-site and available. These utilities receive high marks from existing manufacturers for availability, reliability and low cost. Furthermore, an on-site all-weather runway assures that if vital manufacturing components are needed they can be flown-in.

Our People Make the Difference.

The Arkansas Aeroplex region has a much higher percentage of workers in manufacturing than the national average. This is a strong indicator that we're well equipped with the employees you will need. And our local training institutions are already providing state-of-the-art training in such areas as World-Class Practices, Manufacturing Technology, Safety Training, Quality Improvement and much more. Our commitment to manufacturing has resulted in a manufacturing workforce percentage increase of nearly 10% in recent years, compared to a net loss nation-wide. We've proven that we know how to support the needs of industry in our community.

  • "We are very pleased with the skilled technical expertise we've been able to find in Arkansas. The people have a strong, positive work ethic and a high competency to excel." - John Correnti, President, Nucor Corporation (Blytheville)

  • Arkansas is a constitutionally guaranteed right-to-work state.

  • Recently Aeroplex technical workers - under a subcontract to Lockheed Martin Federal Systems were awarded the highest performance rating possible by an LMFS team - EXCEPTIONAL.

    Existing buildings:
    345,000 SF of industrial building space with 820 acres available for development

  • Building 105
  • Building 203
  • Building 556
  • Building 1288
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