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Aviation Park

Get your business off the ground.
We'll provide the runway.

One of the most distinctive features of the Arkansas Aeroplex is it Aviation Park. Uncongested airspace, complete facilities, a clean environment and moderate climate all combine to make this an ideal site for commercial aircraft painting, aircraft engine maintenance and overhaul, aircraft modification/maintenance and avionics repair.

Buildings for your entire aerospace needs.

Few places in North America have the hangar space and related buildings that are currently available at the Arkansas Aeroplex Aviation Park. The largest of six large hangars on-site can accommodate up to a DC-10/Boeing 767. A complete jet-engine test cell (hush house) is also ready, where jet engines can be safely tested after maintenance or overhaul. And speaking of maintenance, there are several aviation-related maintenance buildings here including existing like-new equipment in some. Air compressors, welding shops, avionics repair benches, sheet metal shops and much more is available.

One of the distinguishing features of the Aeroplex is our all-weather 11,600-foot concrete runway, complete with Instrument Landing System. Our tower can be operated to handle any flight schedule required. A National Weather Service certified weather observation station is on site (UNICOM 122.7). Material handling, conferencing, catering, business services, lodging and office space are all available as needed. An above ground fuel farm is ready to service any aircraft's fuel needs. And don't worry about ramp space for cargo or extended aircraft operations - we have 2.5 million square feet of concrete ramp for your use.

A non-taxing proposition.

The physical features are only the beginning of what you will find attractive about the Arkansas Aeroplex Aviation Park. Special existing legislation favors aerospace companies who locate in Arkansas. The Arkansas Aerospace Program provides qualifying aerospace companies a state income tax credit of $2000 per net new employee. Aerospace companies may also claim a sales and use tax credit on materials used in construction of a business facility and on equipment and machinery used in connection with the business. Parts or other personal property incorporated in commercial jet aircraft components or sub-components are exempt from sales and use tax. Services associated with the alteration, addition, cleaning, refinishing, replacement or repair of commercial jet aircraft or components are exempt from the state gross receipts tax.

  • "This building is great - it meets all our needs." - Brad Karie, Leading Edge (commercial aircraft painting and maintenance)

    Existing buildings:
    over 300,000 SF of space

  • Building 105
  • Building 106
  • Building 201
  • Building 214
  • Hangar 452
  • Hangar 453
  • Hangar 455
  • Hangar 457
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