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Business Advantages & Key Features

Total Developed Space of Existing Buildings:

Commercial    129,000 SF  Garage/Shop    54,000 SF
Hangar        204,000 SF  Industrial    345,000 SF
Office        251,000 SF  Residential   164,000 SF
Specialty Use  61,000 SF  Warehouse     309,000 SF
Townhouse units:  100 

Other key features:

  • Road, rail, and river all within minutes
  • 70-acre tracts available for development
  • Convenient access to Interstate 55
  • 1 hour 15 minutes to Memphis
  • Commercial aircraft painting on-site
  • 3 technical training facilities available
  • Population of 1,000,000 within 70 miles
  • 6 large hangars that can hold up to a DC 10/Boeing 767
  • Existing jet engine test cell
  • Large engine maintenance building
  • All-weather ILS airport with 11,600' X 300' runway

    We can also provide you with fast start-up and an available non-union workforce with exceptional wage rates. The Aeroplex is a large, developed complex - with all utilities (including a Fiber Park) - in place, offering the following key features:

  • 1.5 million total SF of building space
  • 2.5 million SF of concrete ramp space
  • 3,771 acres total
  • 1.8 million gallon above-ground fuel farm
  • Enterprise zone program
  • State income tax credit for each net new job
  • Refund of sales and use taxes for new construction or expansion of facilities

    Arkansas Enterprise Zone

    The Arkansas Aeroplex is a designated Enterprise Zone, which makes most companies relocating here eligible for certain tax exemptions. Low-interest industrial development revenue bond financing is available, a bond guarantee program, as well as venture capital sources. Industrial Training can be provided through the Mississippi County Community College, Cotton Boll Technical Institute and other sources. Special incentives are available through the Arkansas Aerospace Program for qualified aerospace companies. The available labor force is drawn from a population of 1,000,000 all located within 70 miles.

    Worker's Compenstation

    Arkansas has one of the most comprehensive and pro-business Worker's Compensation packages in the nation. There is an income tax credit for the purchase of waste reduction, reuse or recycling equipment. The Arkansas Industry Training Program provides a trained, reliable work force free-of-charge to both the company and the pre-employment trainee. Over 43,000 workers have been successfully trained in this program to date. Arkansas's right-to-work is guaranteed by the state constitution.

    Advantage Arkansas

    The Advantage Arkansas program provides eligible businesses a corporate income tax credit for each net new job created. It also provides a refund of sales and use taxes for materials used in new construction or expansion of facilities. There is also a sales and use tax exemption on machinery and equipment used directly in manufacturing or processing. Arkansas does not have a state-imposed property tax. Arkansas enjoys all four seasons in moderation.


    Arkansas has the third-lowest per capita tax burden of any state in the nation. Companies building in Arkansas enjoy comparatively low tax obligations through an enticing variety of incentives, exemptions, credits and refunds.

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